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Five Points to Consider When Selecting a Wall Mount Scale

If you're considering a wall mount scale for your hospital, long-term care facility, dialysis center or other medical facility, there are number of important points to consider when selecting which manufacturer you select and their product expertise.

  1. Is the scale manufacturer ISO Certified?
    Professional medical scales for acute care applications need to be highly accurate and reliable. One way to help ensure that these products are designed and manufactured according to acceptable industry standard practices is to have an ISO Quality Management System in place. For instance, SR Instruments is certified by TUV Rheinland to meet the requirements of EN ISO 13485 (Quality Management System for Medical Device Manufacturers). This designation is important as it certifies that the manufacturer adheres to processes and manufacturing procedures that will help SR Instruments manage the various interacting processes and resources that are required to provide value and realize results. The outcome of following ISO quality management guidelines means that the company's wall mount scales made at their facilities are built to these standards. This ensures consistency in manufacturing long-lasting wall mount scales.

  2. How long is the product warranty?
    A company's product warranty is a vital part of selecting a wall mount scale. Most medical scale manufacturers that provide wall mount type scales offer only a one year standard warranty on their products. SR Instruments offers four times this industry standard by supplying each of its wall mount scales with a FOUR YEAR warranty at no additional cost. This means that a hospital's ROI on the scale is better investment over time, secured by the extra-long warranty.

  3. Does the wall mount scale incorporate antimicrobial product protection?
    SR ScalesToday’s world is one of extreme awareness of germs, bacteria, viruses, and prevention. We’re all working to maintain cleaner homes, work places, and be safe when we’re out in the public. For hospitals and medical centers, keeping buildings and equipment clean and safe is of vital importance to help prevent the spread of bacteria. As such, another consideration in selecting a wall mount scale is knowing if the manufacturer has incorporated any type of antimicrobial product protection on its products. For instance, SR wall mount scales now come standard with an embedded antimicrobial technology. Surface areas on SR wall mount scales that contain the antimicrobial protection include the platform, frame, display housing, and keypad. The antimicrobial protection begins to work as soon as a micro-organism comes into contact with the product surface. The technology then works continuously to maintain a consistently lower bio-burden than would be expected on a product without the antimicrobial protection. SR Scales infused with antimicrobial product protection do not replace existing cleaning practices at medical facilities, but rather complement existing cleaning protocols.

  4. How many wall mount scale product variations are available?
    So let's say you've selected a brand of wall mount scale that you like and are satisfied with all the product features. The next question is how many wall mount scale models are available? A manufacturer that offers a multitude of product variations is committed to supporting and developing this product line, recognizing that similar features of wall mount scales can be adapted to multiple models to meet different requirements throughout a hospital campus. SR Instruments is aggressively committed to its line of SR wall mount scales by introducing a new model every few years. As a result, SR Scales is now the industry leader in supplying the medical community with the most expansive line of wall mount scales in the industry by supporting four different models.

  5. Large and small wall mount scales

  6. How is the product serviced if it needs repair?
    Critical to purchasing any product, especially medical equipment, is knowing how the unit will be serviced when needed. There are advantages of working directly with the manufacturer of a product when service issues arise. For starters, when working directly with a manufacturer, they are able to support your product with trained technicians who can expertly diagnose problems with your product. Second, working directly with the original manufacturer means that spare or replacement parts are more readily available without having to wait for a supply of parts to arrive from overseas. SR Scales has highly trained technicians on call to provide quick follow-up and diagnostic capabilities for the company's wall mount scales along with maintaining a full supply of spare and replacement parts to meet warranty and other repair requirements.
If you have any questions on SR's line of wall mount scales, you can contact us as or call us at +1-800-654-6360.