Medical Scales by Application

SR Scales provides a multitude of medical weighing products used in acute care settings, long-term care centers, and dialysis facilities around the country. We've grouped them by style of scale on our website and in some cases, by departmental usage. On our medical scales landing page, you can access each scale individually in its category. These categories span:

For those situations where you may want to share information about SR Scales with others in your facility, we have grouped the most commonly used scales into a number of Application Brochures, specific PDF files that you can download and sent to others in your area of expertise.

This will help other medical professionals have a quick glance at our most popular scales per application in one document. If more information on a particular scale is needed, a product QR code is provided in the Application Brochures that will take the reader to the scale's data sheet on our website.

As always, you can contact our Customer Service Department at +1-800-654-6360 or send an email to and one of our product experts will get back to you.

SR Scales for Acute Care

SR Scales for Pediatric Care

SR Scales for Long-term Care