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SR555i Stand-on Scale (15.75" x 18.50") with Antimicrobial Technology and Optional Touchless Weighing

SR555i Scale

The SR555i scale combines accuracy, portability, and durability into one of the best selling stand-on weighing systems on the market.

Manufactured of heavy duty cast aluminum, the SR555i has a weight capacity of 1000 Lbs yet is lightweight, portable and highly maneuverable helping to reduce caregiver strain and injury.

A true workhorse designed to go the distance for everyday institutional use.

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Product Variants
GTIN SKU Manual Description
00849987001125 SR555i Manual -
00849987001170 SR555i-KG Manual Kilogram only
Product Info
SKU SR555i
Dimensions (Inches) 8" x 35" x 24"
Gross Weight (Pounds) 36 lbs
Net Weight (Pounds) 36 lbs
Key Features
  • Now featuring touchless weighing with optional AC power that enables scale to remain plugged in, always on, and ready to weigh a patient with no button activation. Applies to SR555i, SR585i,and SR755i.
  • Contains antimicrobial technology for powerful, continuous product protection against bacteria.
  • Portable - Take the scale to the patient for an ideal point-of-use scale. Just Tip n' Go
  • Memory Recall - the last stored weight
  • Battery Operated - 6 "C" cell batteries providing 10,000 weigh cycles. Programmable Auto Power Down (APD) to conserve battery life
  • Solid Cast Aluminum Construction - Durable and easy to clean
  • Integral Patient Hand Hold - Patient can use the scale for support without affecting accuracy.
  • BMI Calculation - Enter height information to calculate and display Body Mass Index
  • Serial Data Output (EHR) - Data Output can be used to communicate with Electronic Health Record systems
  • 3-Sided Hand Rail* - Maximum patient support and safety
  • Built-In Height Rod* - easily measure in both inches and centimeters
  • Thermal Printer*
  • Medical grade wall power supply*

*May have optional equipment - see product brochure for details