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SRV411i Small Animal Floor Scale

SRV411i Scale

The SRV411i scale is a sleek, innovative scale that provides years of reliable service and accurate weight data. Designed to be low profile and durable, this scale is ideal for small to medium size animals where space is a premium, yet a weighing solution is needed.

The scale's large 23" x 15" platform can be easily moved throughout a facility. The aluminum casting makes it possible for owners to tare their own weight while holding their pet to achieve an accurate weight.

The scale is coated with a durable non-slip polyurea coating to reduce the fear animals often have with scales.

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Product Info
Dimensions (Inches) 26.4" x 18.3" x 1.4"
Gross Weight (Pounds) 21 lbs
Key Features
  • Solid Cast Aluminum Construction - Durable, stable, and easy to clean.
  • Low Profile design - Easy and safe access to weighing surface.
  • Contoured base - Unique, beveled edges slope upwards to scale platform. The entire top of the scale, including the beveled edges, are part of the weighing surface.
  • Memory Recall - Automatically stores the last stable weight.
  • Wall Mounted Display - Ensures height flexibility and proper placement of easy-to-use large digital readout.
  • Serial EHR/EMR ready - Data output can be used to communicate with Electronic Health Records.

*May have optional equipment - see product brochure for details