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SRV947R Low Profile Floor Scale

SRV947R Scale

The low profile SRV947R is a sleek, innovative scale that provides years of reliable service and accurate weight data.

Constructed of high strength aluminum, the SRV947R is as durable as it is functional. The scale surface has an extremely durable polyurea coating that offers grip along with ease of cleaning.

With the scales AC power adaptor the scale is always on and ready to weigh without pressing any buttons on the display. Optionally, the scale can be remotely operated using the SR Scales app on your phone or tablet.

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Product Variants
GTIN SKU Manual Description
N/A SRV947R Manual 24" x 48" low profile platform floor scale
N/A SRV947R-BT Manual 24" x 48" low profile platform scale with Bluetooth
Product Info
Key Features
  • Non-Slip Platform - Durable and easy to clean polyurea coating over aluminum with aggregate mixed in to create a surface animals are comfortable walking on.
  • Platform Size - 24"x48" low profile platform.
  • Auto-Weigh - The scale has an auto-weigh feature that allows the scale to wake and display a weight when an animal steps on.
  • Optional Equipment - Bluetooth module required for use with SR Scales App (must be factory installed).

*May have optional equipment - see product brochure for details